Fitting & Care


LaceIT PE mesh foam design with unique bi-pull design conforms to every body type. The multi-plane-circumferential closing mechanism allows the PE patient control of their individual condition. The separate superior (top) and inferior (bottom) control of the brace allows for greater adjustability ensuring proper fit and comfort.

Fitting & Sizing Instructions

Sizing: A measurement should be taken around chest over the most prominent bony process.

Please read all instructions before use.

Closing system requires that you place both handles next to closing system and have product fully open (cords extended) each time you put it on to maximize support.

Closing system must be centered on spine when fully extended.

Experiment with different locations to determine best support in different positions.

Product can be worn over or between clothing.

Place handles as close to the closing system as possible.

Be sure handles are next to closing system. Stand holding product side panels parallel to floor. Pull outward to fully extend cord.

Place closing system around body, making sure closing system is centered on spine. Supports holding closing system must be equally spaced on each side of spine. Adjust up or down spine to determine best support location.

Once location is determined, pull slightly outward on side panels to maximize open position before using fabric fasteners to close front, right over left.

Pull handles away from fabric fastener and across body, placing handles anywhere on fabric fastener strip encircling side panels once desired support is achieved. Loosen the same way.



Care Instructions

Remove closing system from side panels. Hand wash in cool water with mild soap. Thoroughly rinse and blot excess water from support with a clean towel. Air dry away from the sun.



Follow the instructions of your physician for length and duration of use.

Consult your physician if you experience pain, unusual reactions, or swelling while using this product